Better Butter Compared to Conventional Butters


Better Butter Compared to Conventional Butters

There are lots of different kinds of butter on the market, so why choose Better Butter and what, frankly, makes it better? Here at Better Butter Craft Butter, we believe our butter is the best of the best, which is why we've chosen the name. See how Better Butter stacks up to its competitors below, and find a store near you today!

Real Butter

Made From 100% Real Butter

Here at Better Butter Craft Butter, we believe that you can taste ingredients, so you can taste the difference between butters that are made from wholesome, nutritious ingredients and those that are made from additives. We only use real, whole-food ingredients with our milk sourced from a local farm in Idaho to craft the unique taste and goodness of Better Butter.

butter and bread

Savory, Rich Taste

From the moment Better Butter touches your tongue, you'll immediately taste the difference in our butter from conventional butters. Our butter offers a sweet, savory taste that is oh-so-delicious. You'll notice immediately the difference, and we're confident you'll never use another butter for your foods. Our oil-free, compound butter has a long shelf life, and we quality test every batch to ensure our butter withstands our extremely high standards. 


Variety of Butters

While the taste of regular butter is soothing and smooth, sometimes you want a butter with a bit of seasoning, especially if the seasoning would go perfect with the food you are eating. Better Butter offers many types of our best butter, including Honey, Pumpkin, Strawberry, Garlic, Vanilla, and more that you just can't find with conventional butters.

Cinnamon Butter

Specialty Diet-Friendly

As someone with diet restrictions, it can be hard to find wholesome, nutritious, and great-tasting foods that meet your restrictions. Here at Better Butter, we pride ourselves on our butter products, which are gluten-free and meet the guidelines for Kosher and Halal. We want everyone to be able to savor each moment of cooking with our wonderful butters. Find our craft butter at a store near you today!


Our mission is to be the food item you look forward to eating. Instead of just dabbing butter on your food as an afterthought, we want you to enjoy every moment of the butter taste and wonder at its goodness. We believe there is magic in everyday moments, and our butter can be a highlight of some of those moments.

If you are looking for our butter, we have an easy search tool you can use to find it in a store near you. Don't delay; start enjoying our Better Butter Craft Butter over conventional butter today!

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