Our Vanilla Butter


Our Vanilla Butter

Better Butter specializes in creating unique, craft butters to level up your cooking game. From cinnamon to parmesan garlic and black truffle butter, we’ve got the right butter for you no matter the occasion! Our vanilla butter combines the sweet and fragile ingredients of honey and vanilla to deliver you a sweet surprise that improves any meal or snack that your sweet tooth may be craving. This all-natural butter compliments a number of dishes and is a subtle and elegantly delicious experience for your tastebuds.

Flavor Profile

This incredible vanilla craft butter is filled with rich, creamy, and subtly sweet flavors that are sure to have your mouth watering.

  • Our Vanilla Butter is sweetened with honey and vanilla, providing a warm and sweet taste that is welcoming to a number of different breakfast and dessert dishes.
  • The impact of the sweetness is relatively low, providing a gentle vanilla addition to any dish it’s added to. 

Great Uses for Our Vanilla Butter

Vanilla is a widely used spice, being added to tons of desserts to enhance flavor and add a gentle sweetness to anything from chocolate cake to ice cream. Our vanilla butter aims to achieve the same gentle sweetness addition to anything it’s added to. Here are a few things that we love to add our vanilla butter to:

  • Toast — Our vanilla butter improves breakfast in a number of ways. If you are someone who loves butter toast as a part of your breakfast, mix up your morning routine with a hint of our vanilla butter to sweeten your toast!
  • Crepes — Vanilla makes any crepe experience so much better. Add a little of our vanilla butter to bring just the right amount of sweetness to any crepe dish.
  • French Toast — Vanilla and cinnamon is a classic combination. Looking to spice up your morning routine? Add a little vanilla butter on top of your french toast.
  • Rolls — If you are having rolls with dinner, our vanilla butter makes your small dinner addition everyone’s favorite part of the meal!
  • Iron Coffee — If you’ve ever put butter in your coffee and loved it, wait until you mix our vanilla butter in. It’s like creamer, but so much better.

High-Quality Ingredients

At Better Butter, we only use the finest ingredients we can find to create the greatest butter imaginable. Our vanilla butter is all-natural and only contains five ingredients. This product uses all-natural cream, real vanilla extract, and no artificial flavorings or sweeteners, only the stuff that you find in nature. We have found that just the right amount of honey does the trick to sweeten our vanilla butter just right to provide you with the subtle vanilla sweetness that our vanilla butter is known for. 

Why Choose Better Butter?

We have found our passion in providing the best craft butter we can to improve the lives and meals of our customers. Utilizing all-natural ingredients and the simplest flavorings we can. Whether you are using our garlic parmesan basil butter to enhance the taste of sauteéd mushrooms or spreading our vanilla butter over some toast, you can be sure that our craft butters will help take any meal you cook to new heights. 

At Better Butter, we are committed to you. You can find our products in stores all across America. To find our products, utilize our find a store tool today! We feel confident that you’ll enjoy Better Butter almost as much as we do.

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