Garlic Herb Craft Butter


Garlic Herb Craft Butter

When it comes to craft butter, there's nothing quite like the unique butters available at Better Butter. Did we mention that Garlic Herb is one of our favorites? This craft butter is perfect for adding a delicious and aromatic garlic herb to any dish.

Whether you're cooking up a storm in the kitchen or just looking for a way to enhance your meal, Better Butter's Garlic Herb butter is the perfect way to do it!
Try Garlic Herb for yourself and learn more about the butter and endless pairing options!

Flavor Profile

Now for the most important questions. What does our Garlic Herb butter taste like? To create this butter, we mixed garlic with a special blend of herbs to make something that's perfect for adding some extra bite to any meal.

On top of providing bold and delicious flavor, garlic is also a versatile seasoning that can go with almost any savory dish. So whether you're looking to add a pop to a steak, your morning bagel, or you want to elevate a side dish, you can't go wrong with our Garlic Herb craft butter!

Get the Most Out of Our Garlic Herb Craft Butter

Did we mention that our Garlic Herb will turn vegetables into family favorites? Our Garlic Herb is truly a versatile butter and perfectly accompanies steaks, seafood, chicken, and more! All that's left is to test out our Garlic Herb with some of your favorite recipes:

  • Pasta — Better Butter Garlic Herb pair perfectly with many pasta dishes. Add a tablespoon of Better Butter to your cooked pasta and stir until melted for an easy and delicious way to add garlic. Eat them buttered or mix in your favorite pasta sauce!
  • Vegetables — Whether you're steaming, boiling, or roasting vegetables, adding a pat of Better Butter will take them to the next level. Add bold flavor to your vegetables in an instant when you add a spoonful (or two) of Garlic Herb butter!
  • Rice — Not a fan of plain white rice? Try mixing our Garlic Herb craft butter into warm rice for a side you won't be able to get enough of!
  • Steak — Next time you're crafting the perfect juicy steak, try adding a tablespoon of Better Butter to your pan. The butter will melt and add delicious garlic herb that will take your steak to the next level and leave all your dinner guests wanting to know your secret ingredient!
  • Bread — Garlic Herb is also delicious on its own. Get your favorite dinner roll, smear on a big spoonful of butter, and enjoy!
  • The Benefits of Better Butter

    When it comes to craft butter, we know that high-quality ingredients are a must! Not only is our butter oil-free and made without chemical preservatives, but it's made with Grade AA dairy butter and all-natural Kosher cheese, herbs, and spices. This leaves you with a craft butter that's both natural and delicious! On top of that, Better Butter is safe to be left at room temperature. In fact, you can leave it unrefrigerated for up to six weeks. This means that you'll always have fresh, easy-to-spread craft butter on hand at all times! At Better Butter, we have a wide selection of craft butters. If you love our Garlic Herb, make sure you try some of our other butters: Strawberry, Lemon Herb, Black Truffle, Honey, European Style, Steakhouse, and more!

    Find Your Craft Butter

    We hope that you'll give our Garlic Herb craft butter a try. With its delicious and endless pairing options, craft butter might just be the ingredient your recipes are missings. When you choose Better Butter, we hope that our craft butters — including our Garlic Herb — will quickly become a staple both in your kitchen and with your family. All that's left is to find a store that sells Garlic Herb from Better Butter!

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