Asiago Chive Craft Butter


Asiago Chive Craft Butter

Our collection of craft butters, and specifically our Asiago Chive Butter, is designed to fit perfectly into your daily cooking routine and to elevate your everyday meals with delicious flavor profiles. Transform some of your favorite meals into a truly mouth-watering experience with our Asiago Chive craft butter, created without any oils, preservative, or fillers. The savory, cheesy, and slightly nutty taste of this natural better selection is approachable and ideal for repeated use in the kitchen, whether you’re adding it to your favorite breads, steak, or something in between. Discover how you can add depth and complexity to every single bite you, your loved ones, or your friends take by exploring all our available craft butters!

Flavor Profile

The Asiago Chive craft butter has a unique take on the classic pairing of cheese and onions. Our natural butter utilizes the sharp, nutty notes that commonly come from Asiago cheese. This bold butter is then cut with the fresh bite of chives. Chives are an herb known for tasting very mildly of onions — more so than classic white onions or even scallions — and are excellent for adding depth to dishes without being too overwhelming. When you add the Asiago Chive Butter to any savory appetizer, side dish, or entree, you can experience a subtle hint of garlic and a slight sweetness from the Asiago cheese.


All of Better Butter’s natural butter variations are created with the intent of delivering a high-quality cooking and eating experience. Not only are each of them Kosher and absolutely full of unique tastes, but they are also completely free of preservatives, fillers, oils, and gluten. More specifically, however, our Asiago Chive craft butter starts off with a cream and salt base mixture, before fresh nutty Asiago cheese is blended in. From there, we add the namesake chives, onion powder, and a few other spices to create the unique, savory, slight-oniony craft butter!

No matter what meal you enjoy cooking, our oil-free, natural Asiago Chive butter can elevate your dish, leaving you and family or friends wanting more.
In order to accommodate frequent use by our family of confident home cooks, all of our butters can be left at room temperature — right on your kitchen counter — for up to six weeks. This is all thanks to our natural ingredients. As you continue to create better memories around your dining table, you don’t have to worry about refrigerating your butter.

Uses for This Butter

Our Asiago Chive craft butter is best suited for more savory dishes, whether they be in the morning or in the evening. You can easily elevate several different side dishes, main dishes, or even snacks with the unique and delightfully savory profile of our Asiago Chive butter. Some of the foods we suggest adding this craft butter to include:

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Bread, dinner rolls, or toast
  • Sauteed veggies
  • Steak
  • Poultry dishes
  • Sauces
  • More

That being said, don’t feel limited to these options. There are hundreds of different ways you could use our craft butter to elevate your dishes. For example, you can use our butter as a base for a sauce or add it to savory baked goods to improve the richness in a new way!

Why Choose Better Butter?

Better Butter is designed to help create memorable moments in the kitchen and around the dining table. Not only is our goal to reinvent how home cooks nationwide utilize natural, craft butter — without any preservatives or oils — but also to help them discover new combinations to please their and their family’s palates. We invite you to discover the versatile nature of this savory Asiago Chive craft butter and discover all our other specialities! Find a store near you where you can pick up some Better Butter for your kitchen today!