Pairing Craft Butter to Charcuterie Boards


Pairing Craft Butter to Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards are the perfect accompaniment to making memories with friends and family. Easily shareable and customizable, charcuterie boards are just as at home at a dinner party as they are at holiday celebrations, football games, and even birthday parties. 

While people serve charcuterie boards at all types of occasions, simply placing some meat and cheese on a cutting board isn’t going to cut it. At Better Butter, we know how important a role food plays in enjoying time with family and friends. That’s why in today’s blog post, we are going to provide some tips on how to pair your favorite craft butters with charcuterie boards to make something truly unforgettable. Read on to learn more.   

Garlic Parmesan Basil Craft Butter

Charcuterie boards are often loaded with fresh meats, bread, and cheese. While these items go well together, there’s often nothing that makes them stand out from the last charcuterie board. That’s where our Garlic Parmesan Basil Craft Butter comes in. This rich compound butter is loaded with fresh ingredients, including finely grated parmesan, garlic, and basil. It’s a simple way to elevate your charcuterie board from just one in many to something special. 

Asiago Chive Craft Butter

Do you enjoy adding bright, colorful fresh veggies to your charcuterie boards, but are bored of serving the typical hummus or spinach dip alongside? Our Asiago Chive Craft Butter boasts a medley of spices with finely grated asiago cheese, real chives, and onion that perfectly blends with fresh peppers, carrots, broccoli, and more. And as a bonus, it goes great with meats, cheeses, crackers, and bread too.

Vanilla Craft Butter

While the stars of many charcuterie boards are the meat and cheese, we can’t forget about the fresh fruit. Incorporating some grapes, strawberries, or another of your favorite fruits is a great way to add more depth and range to your charcuterie board. While throwing a few pieces of fruit on a charcuterie board sounds like a simple solution, there is one more small thing you can do to take yours to the next level. Add a small dish of our Vanilla Craft Butter. Crafted with natural honey and real vanilla, the beauty of this subtly sweet oil-free butter is that it pairs well with any and every fruit. 

Chocolate Craft Butter

Looking for the simplest way of all to make an unforgettable charcuterie board? Add our Chocolate Craft Butter. Rich and sweet with a deep chocolate taste and aroma, this butter can be spread on everything from strawberries to toast. It's a surefire way to satisfy your sweet tooth and make a memorable meal. 

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