Our Strawberry Craft Butter


Our Strawberry Craft Butter

Better Butter focuses on creating all-natural, craft butter to complement and improve any meal that you might be creating in your home. From steakhouse and cinnamon butter to vanilla butter, we have tons of options for you to choose from. Our strawberry butter is tantalizingly sweet and may actually have you eating directly from the container. Made with real strawberries, all-natural butter, and sweetened with honey, this incredible product will be the perfect addition to desserts, breakfast, and snacks that you get to enjoy throughout the day.

Flavor Profile

Our strawberry butter is filled with fresh strawberries and is deliciously fruity and sweet. When you think about our strawberry butter, think about summer days and fields of fresh berries with honey bees flying through the air. 

  • Our strawberry butter provides you with a cozy and smooth strawberry taste to brighten your day.
  • Naturally, our strawberry butter is slightly sweet. This makes it an incredible addition to anything slightly salty or to meals that could use a little pizzazz.

Great Uses for Our Strawberry Butter

Our strawberry butter is a perfect addition to several different food items. From breakfast to dessert, the fruity sweetness of this craft butter is a great addition to any of these items and more:

  • Scones — Scones carry with them a faint sweetness that is accompanied very well by our strawberry butter. Spread some of that fruity goodness over the top of your scones for an amazing breakfast or snack experience.
  • Cornbread — While many people enjoy spreading honey over the top of their cornbread, our strawberry butter is a perfect complement to the classic Southern dish.
  • Crescent Rolls — Everyone loves crescent rolls. They are slightly salty and oh so flaky. But once you try a little of our strawberry butter on top, you will never go back to eating them plain.
  • Crepes — Crepes are a delicious breakfast or dessert option! Our all-natural strawberry butter is an excellent addition to your crepes.
  • A Spoon — And of course, you can’t go wrong with just eating from the tub. We do it, too, so there isn’t any shame in giving it a shot at least once.

High-Quality Ingredients

At Better Butter, we only use the finest ingredients in all of our products. Our strawberry butter is made with real strawberries, real butter, and absolutely no artificial flavors. It’s also sweetened with honey, making it not only naturally flavored, but also naturally sweetened. There’s also no need to worry about added fat. All of our butter is completely oil-free. You can trust that no matter what product you choose, you are getting the best natural butter on the market.

Why Choose Better Butter?

Our name isn’t Better Butter for no reason. We pride ourselves on making the best butter we can — utilizing the best ingredients to add just the right amount of pleasure to each and every meal. We offer a wide variety of butters to spice up any meal you might be making. So, check out our other craft butters  for sauteing and incredibly delicious dessert additions. From lemon herb to black truffle, we’ve got something you will love!

We are committed to our customers. For more information on where you can find our product, check out our store finder tool today! We love our Strawberry craft butter, and we have a good feeling that you will, too.

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