How Better Butter Can Upgrade Your Grilling


How Better Butter Can Upgrade Your Grilling

Grilling is a hallmark of summer. From birthday summers to weekend gatherings, grilling with your friends, family, and neighbors is a great way to relax after a long week and have some good home cooked food to enjoy. Better Butter Craft Butter offers the best compound, oil-free butter on the market. Our 100% butter product comes in a myriad of types you can use to add real depth to your cooking. Below, we'll go over some ways that Better Butter can upgrade your grilling. Find a store near you today!

Remember to Butter The Meat, Not the Grill

Some people make the mistake of placing Better Butter directly on the grill and then placing their meat, vegetables, or other food item on top of the grill. This simply doesn't work all that well. First, the amount of coverage will be minimal when compared to buttering the entire slab of meat. Second, Better Butter is likely to burn off while grilling, leaving you with no compound butter at all on your food items. 

More is Better

We say that more craft butter is better while grilling for the simple matter that smoke is involved. Once you put Better Butter on your meat, you can expect some of it to drip off and some of it to be burnt off; that's just a fact with fire. Thus, we recommend that you use ample Better Butter on your meat and vegetables while grilling in order to ensure the proper taste you are looking for.

Use Better Butter Within the Last 10 Minutes of Grilling

You'll want to use Better Butter within the last ten minutes of grilling. This way, your meat is almost ready, but it still has a bit more time left to finish cooking. By adding your craft butter, you can expect the meat to soak up the butter still and enhance the marinade without losing any of the butter in the grilling process.

Top With Butter Right Off The Grill

For a burst of rich, deliciousness, apply our compound butter as soon as you remove your food item from the grill for a scrumptious taste you'll absolutely love.


Let's face it, you probably have a friendly competition with your grilling buddies over who can grill the best food. By using Better Butter, you'll notice an instant upgrade in your grilling game, and you may just inch past them for bragging rights. When asked, "What's your grilling difference?" you may be tempted to hide your savory compound butter. However, by sharing your secret and our brand, you'll be improving everyone's palate for years to come.

Look for Better Butter Craft Butter in a local store near you, or request it to be added today!

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