Can You Keep Butter Outside of the Fridge?


Can You Keep Butter Outside of the Fridge?

Butter is a staple in most kitchens, and typically, you can find it in the refrigerator. However, some butters, like the compound butters from Better Butter, are completely safe to store outside of the fridge. This not only frees up space for other items in your refrigerator, but also means that you’ll have access to softened, smooth, spreadable butter whenever you’d like. 

In today’s blog post from Better Butter, we will discuss the benefits of storing your butter outside of the fridge as well as some storage tips. Read on to learn more.

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Why Store Your Butter at Room Temperature?

Storing your craft butter outside of the refrigerator can be a great way to enjoy its delicious flavor and texture at their best. Butter stored in the fridge is hard, making it difficult to spread and incorporate into recipes. You can avoid this problem by keeping your butter outside of the fridge in a cool, dark place, like a countertop or pantry.

The process of storing butter outside of the refrigerator is called “room-temperature buttering”. This method of storage prevents butter from becoming too hard, while still preserving its flavor and texture. Room-temperature buttering is especially beneficial for craft butters, such as European-style cultured butter, which have a unique flavor profile that is best appreciated at room temperature. Keeping butter at room temperature can also help to preserve its natural moisture, making it easier to spread and use.

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The Benefits of Storing Butter Outside of the Fridge

If you’ve been storing your butter in the refrigerator until this point, you may be asking yourself why you would want to store it outside the fridge. Storing your craft butter at room temperature comes with a number of benefits, including: 

  • When stored at room temperature, butter remains soft, creamy, and spreadable.
  • It’s easier to use in baking and cooking.
  • It’s at the perfect temperature for spreading on bread and crackers, or for making an impromptu butter board.
  • You may notice  the butter itself develops a richer, more complex flavor and that you can taste the ingredients of our compound butter better.
  • You’ll have room for other items in your refrigerator that need to be kept at cooler temperatures. 
  • It’s easily accessible when you want to add a dollop to your recipes.

Keeping your Better Butter craft butter at room temperature is not only more convenient but it also ensures that you’ll taste every ingredient. Since we make our compound butter from real grade AA butter and other natural, delicious ingredients, you’ll want to make sure you can taste every bite.

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Tips for Storing Butter Outside of the Fridge

While there are a lot of benefits to storing your butter outside of the refrigerator, it’s important that you do so correctly so that you can enjoy your butter the way it was intended — rich, smooth, creamy, and spreadable. If you plan on storing your craft butter outside of the fridge, make sure you follow these tips for best results:

  • Keep your craft butter in a cool, dry place: To keep your butter from spoiling, it’s important to store it in a cool, dry place. Look for a spot in your kitchen away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and humidity. If you’re looking for an even more precise temperature, aim for somewhere between 55–60°F.
  • Store your craft butter in an airtight container: To ensure your butter stays fresh, store it in an airtight container or wrap it tightly in plastic wrap. This will help keep it away from any moisture or odors in the kitchen. Make sure to label the container with the date it was opened so you know when it’s best to use it. When you’re storing Better Butter craft butter, you can simply use the tub that it comes in to store it at room temperature. 

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Storing Better Butter Craft Butter

Better Butter craft butter is specifically designed to be safe to store at room temperature outside of the refrigerator for up to six weeks after opening. This is because Better Butter doesn’t contain enough water to allow bacteria or mold to grow. Each batch is thoroughly tested to ensure low water activity, providing you with peace of mind and the ability to keep it on your counter for more than a month.

Make the Most of Every Moment With Better Butter

At Better Butter, our goal is to make mealtimes more enjoyable and even the smallest moments more memorable. Our craft butters are made with grade AA butter that is made at a family-owned dairy farm in Southern Idaho. We then take this creamy, delicious butter and mix it with natural ingredients like cinnamon, honey, black truffles, and fresh herbs, to create unforgettable compound butters. We offer a selection of savory butters that are perfect for elevating chicken, steak, pork, mashed potatoes, veggies, and more. We also craft a selection of sweet compound butters that are ideal for adding to pastries, spreading on bread, or melting over pancakes, fruits, and even vegetables. Our craft butters help to make mealtime easier to put together while providing opportunities to make memories with family and friends. At the end of the day, we make craft butter to help make everyday moments more magical. 

Better Butter is widely available in the refrigerator section of Walmarts across the country. You can also find many of our craft butters in other grocery stores and retailers. To find our craft butter near you, use our online tool to discover which stores near you carry Better Butter. 

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