Steakhouse Butter


Steakhouse Butter

Explore the possibilities with the Steakhouse Butter from Better Butter. Spiced with southwest seasoning and loaded with ingredients like roasted red peppers to compliment your fresh-off-the-grill steak, this craft butter is about to be your new favorite secret ingredient. At Better Butter, we use only natural ingredients to create a creamy, savory, and rich steakhouse craft butter that can easily elevate nearly any dish. Take your cooking game to the next level by adding our Steakhouse Butter to your steaks, veggies, chicken, and more.

Steakhouse Butter Flavor Profile

Dangerously delicious and crafted from natural ingredients, our Steakhouse Butter can be described as savory, rich, and bold.

  • Roasted Red Pepper: Roasted red pepper lends a smokiness to this craft butter, making it a perfect accompaniment to grilled dishes. With a subtle sweetness, the roasted red peppers add freshness and brightness to the butter, making it satisfyingly delicious.
  • Southwest-Inspired Spices: Southwestern seasonings are known for adding a dynamic range of flavors. Slightly spicy with a kick that wakes up your taste buds, the southwest seasoning in our craft steakhouse butter helps to add a bit of complexity to a rich and savory butter.

Real Ingredients Make Our Craft Butter Better

At Better Butter, we only use fresh, all-natural ingredients in our craft butter. You’ll be amazed at what a difference real ingredients make.

  • 100% real grade AA butter
  • No rBST or MSG
  • Real roasted red pepper puree
  • Delicious dried tomato
  • A proprietary blend of southwest spices
  • Gluten-free, Halal & Keto-friendly
steakhouse butter

Our Favorite Uses for Steakhouse Butter

The Steakhouse Butter from Better Butter can elevate almost any savory dish from steaks and veggies to chicken and even skillets. Try one of our favorites from below or get creative and have fun trying this craft butter in your own dishes.

  • Steak: Whether you cook your steak on the grill or sear it in a pan, our Steakhouse Butter was made to elevate your ribeyes, sirloins, NY strips, and filet mignons. Simply add a pad of our craft butter to the top of your steak when it’s finished cooking and watch it slowly melt and blend with the natural juices of the steak.
  • Veggies: If you’re looking for a simple way to elevate your veggies, our Steakhouse Butter is the perfect solution. Melt some over steamed veggies, add a pad to oven roasted veggies, or let some melt into your baked potato.
  • Chicken: Our Steakhouse Butter isn’t just for steak and sides — it’s also an easy way to enhance your everyday chicken dishes. Choose your favorite cut, rub some of our craft butter on the skin, and put it in the oven. Your chicken will come out juicy and flavorful with a southwest kick.

Why Choose Better Butter?

At Better Butter, we believe that using real ingredients in the kitchen makes all the difference. That’s why we create our craft butters from premium grade AA butter and other natural ingredients. Our goal is to help home cooks everywhere elevate their cooking game and boost your confidence in the kitchen. Simply adding a pad of our craft butter to your favorite dish can easily take it to the next level. Explore all of our craft butters and learn more about our home delivery options or where to find Better Butter in a store near you.