Highlights From Our Butter Board E-book


Highlights From Our Butter Board E-book

In September of 2022, we launched our butter board e-book, a scrumptious collection of ideas, recipes, and thoughts on how this foodie trend and our delicious Better Butter are a match made in heaven.

Butter board spread

What are Butter Boards?

You might have seen these boards across social media and mistaken them for charcuterie boards. After all, they share a lot of commonalities — they’re both flat boards topped with an artisan blend of meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, and veggies. But that’s where this story ends.

Butter boards are just that: boards with a spread of butter on top. They don’t often get the full spread of meats and cheeses either. Unlike charcuterie boards, butter boards are more focused on what you can add onto or mix into your spreadable butter, as opposed to making a concoction of dried salami, crackers, and grapes. For example, many inspiring chefs choose to add a drizzle of honey, mild cheeses, figs, oils, capers, or even some savory meats to the mix if they’re using unsalted butter.

But what is a good butter board without some bread to go along with it? Also unlike a charcuterie board, butter boards are all about bread; what kind of bread you’re using, and what you’ve mixed into the butter all matter here!

Butter board spread

What is Better Butter?

Better Butter is a butter board’s best friend (try saying that five times fast)! Our delicious, best-selling butter was featured in our very own butter board e-book and serves as the base for all of our recipes and ideas. We make our butter with high-quality, premium ingredients so that it’s light and spreadable.

Better Butter is perfect for butter boards because of the high quality ingredients & it's real butter! No add oils or water so you can leave it out on the counter for up to 6-weeks! Better Butter is made with real honey & real whole food like real chopped garlic, not powdered garlic. 

Better Butter is whipped butter for a better experience & spreads easily! 

Find a Variety of Flavored Butters Near You!

Mushroom spread on butter board

Our Favorite Savory Recipes

A butter board is a versatile, easy, and classy way to spice up practically any gathering, event, or mealtime. For our readers who are looking for a savory addition to their butter board, we’re pleased to let you know that Better Butter pairs even better with savory mealtime staples, like our garlic and herb spread. And if you’re looking for something a little heartier, we’ve got you covered with our unique recipes, like:

  • Mushroom lovers' butter board
  • Italian herb and garlic butter board
  • Spicy Thai shrimp butter board
  • Greek-inspired butter board
  • Steakhouse chicken butter board

And so many more! And as the holidays roll around it’s even more important that you start putting together a list of great holiday foods you can serve or bring to parties. But you’ll have to check out the e-book for the recipes themselves!

Butter board recipe

Our Favorite Sweet Recipes

If you’re looking to spice up dessert, or even whip yourself up a small treat, sweet butter boards from our e-book are an excellent option. Practically everyone has a sweet tooth, and even if you don’t, butter boards are an enticing option even just for their beauty.

And as the holidays roll ever closer, it’s a good idea to have yummy dessert options ready for that annual holiday party. That’s why we created a number of sweetened recipes for our e-book readers to try out on their own at home. We put in some of our butter board classics that are sure to entertain, enamor, and delight even your most reluctant guests. Some of our favorites include:

  • Cinnamon pecan butter board
  • Thanksgiving pumpkin butter board
  • Honey apple crumble butter board
  • Chocolate brownie butter board
  • Fig and honey butter board

And if you’re wondering what kind of butter you might need for our sweet and savory recipe book, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Our best sellers are the perfect place to start looking for Better Butter to accompany your butter board. After all, without Better Butter, you can’t have a butter board!

Butter boards have made headlines across the globe as a unique alternative to charcuterie boards, but we just think they’re plain neat. Better Butter is the proud spread of thousands of butter boards; it’s made with real ingredients and is gluten-free, kosher, and halal. Oh, and did we forget to mention it’s real butter? No rBST or MSG — just high-quality butter from happy cows.

Find a Variety of Flavored Butters Near You!