Better Butter on a Keto Diet


Better Butter on a Keto Diet

A keto diet focuses on lowering a person’s intake of carbohydrates, thus forcing your body to utilize fat as its main energy source rather than storing it. When on a keto diet, an individual tends to focus on eating fats and proteins while minimizing their carbs. This makes Better Butter a natural ally to those on a keto diet. Below we’ve included a few tips on how to use our craft butter to cook delicious keto-friendly meals. Read on to learn more and visit our site to browse all of our craft butters and learn about our home delivery options.

Make More Flavorful Fish

Fish is a wonderful protein for those on a keto diet, and when cooked with Better Butter craft butter, you can truly elevate the flavor and make something you’ll be happy to eat again and again. Our favorite craft butter to pair with fish is our Lemon Herb Butter. Use it in your saute pan to sear your fish and create a bright, aromatic sauce or melt it over the top of grilled fish for a pop of lemony goodness.

Take Your Chicken to the Next Level

While chicken is an ideal protein for a keto diet, it can quickly become boring and mundane. That’s where our craft butter comes in. From Garlic Parmesan Basic Butter and Steakhouse Butter to Garlic Herb Butter and Asiago Chive Butter, the possibilities are truly endless when you add our craft butter to your chicken.


Elevate Your Steaks

Steaks are often a staple for those on a keto diet, and it’s simple to add a pad of Better Butter to the top of your cooked steak to truly take your experience to the next level. Simply grill or sear your steak, place it on your plate, and add a dollop of our Steakhouse Butter or Black Truffle Butter for an unforgettable keto-friendly meal.

Upgrade Your Eggs

Eggs are high in protein and make a great meal or keto-friendly snack. Next time you’re preparing scrambled or fried eggs in a pan, use our European Style Butter, Garlic Herb Butter, or Asiago Chive Butter. Your taste buds will thank you.

Enjoy Better Butter on a Keto Diet

With Better Butter, you don’t have to worry about mundane or boring food on a keto diet. Instead, you can easily elevate any protein with your favorite craft butter. To experience the difference craft butter made from real ingredients makes, visit our site to view our entire selection and learn more about our home delivery options.